April Moon: Waxing Gibbous.

Like any good lycanthropy scholar, I have a dual identity. I am Dr. Melissa D. Aaron, mild mannered professor at Cal Poly Pomona, where I teach Early Modern Drama, and Moonyprof, (my Harry Potter fandom name), a specialist in werewolves in Harry Potter and pop culture, who some might say is a bit too close to her subject. I’m not THE werewolf specialist in Harry Potter. There are many excellent critics on the subject, and I hope to refer to or link to them here. I think, however, that it’s not exaggerating to describe myself as A Harry Potter werewolf specialist.

This blog has a specific purpose: to put all my Harry Potter, werewolf, and related writings and material in one place. You’ll see postings on werewolves, Harry Potter, and my work, including Potter related events I’m involved with or know about, upcoming conferences, or places I’ll be.  I’ll be updating regularly, once a week. There’s always something to say about werewolves and/or Harry Potter, and I will be saying some of it in public instead of limiting it to conference presentations.

So hello, all.


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