Upcoming conference and what I’m presenting: Misti-Con 2017


Misti-Con is one of the best Harry Potter cons out there. I would say “the best,” but if I did, it would seem too self-aggrandizing, as I’m the Academic Programming Chair or Coordinator or something. I help pick out fellow eggheads, is what I’m trying to say. Misti is unique. It is small, at about 500 people, which prevents it from being overwhelming for introverts. It is immersive: the Margate Hotel in Laconia N.H. is transformed to a place in J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world down to every detail, and the hotel becomes a Muggle-free zone. It’s also a nice mix of people. Academics, K-12 teachers, fanworkers, fans, and writers mix without a sense of hierarchy, and reasonably so, as most of us combine several identities in one person.

You can still register over thataway!

In any case, I’m giving the following presentations: 

Thursday, 2 pm: Newt Scamander and the Uses of Compassion: Remus Lupin, Credence Barebone, and the Werewolf Registry. This one is the “wolf talk.” As always, it’s new material, and this year it incorporates Fantastic Beasts and some connections I haven’t yet explored publicly.

Friday, 4 pm: “You Slay Me”: Fantastic Beasts and 1920s Pop Culture, What was Tina, Jacob, and Queenie’s New York like? Who went to Valentino’s funeral? You wanted to know, and I’m bringing answers.

Saturday, 11 am: Fantastic Beasts: Canon vs. Fanon, Fur, Fandom, and the Future. This panel has me on the literary and canon elements, Jason Crean on the magical beasts and biology angle, and Jon Rosenthal on the new, FB-injected fandom. Be there.

Also on Saturday, at 3 pm, I’m running the “Friends of A.K. Yearling” Meetup, aka the Meetup for fans of My Little Pony. We had a great turnout for that last time. (Quibble Pants is Best Pony, y’all).

You’ll also see me at a bunch of other people’s panels. We have a good slate this year. I can’t wait!

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